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I'll have a Gamma Frappuccino, please.

A recent story has been making the rounds: " Hundreds of Nuclear Radiation Monitors Were Allegedly Hacked by Former Repairmen ".  Basically, it seems that more than a year ago  two disgruntled employees sabotaged +300 radiation monitoring devices, which were part of a nation-wide civil radiation monitoring network (RAR) in Spain. On top of that, they were apparently using the free WiFi of a Starbucks to carry out their activities. Obviously not being the sharpest tool in the box they were eventually caught. In this story there is a boring part, which is everything related to these guys and their motivations, and a slightly more interesting part which is the underlying technology behind Radiation Monitoring Networks (RMN). In 2017 I presented at BlackHat USA ' Go Nuclear: Breaking Radiation Monitoring Devices ", so I thought  it could be interesting to write a brief post to provide some context. The NeverEnding story As in most 'disgruntled employee' attacks,