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Finding vulnerabilities in Swiss Post's e-voting system: part 3

Exactly two years ago I brought my blog back to life, after many years of hiatus, with " Finding vulnerabilities in Swiss Post’s future e-voting system - Part 1 ". That was the first of a series of blog posts covering that system. During these two years I've been periodically assessing the security posture of this e-voting solution, as part of their Bug Bounty program , which I personally recommend.   Since the first time I reviewed their codebase a lot of things have changed, for good, as many areas have been dramatically improved. To be honest, from a security perspective the codebase back then was kind of a mess.   When the first Swiss Post e-voting platform was published, back in 2019, it faced some public scrutiny, mostly from the academic community.  As a result, some significant issues were uncovered , so eventually Swiss Post decided to suspend the deployment of the system. That first version had been developed by Scytl , Spanish company specialized in electroni